Expanding Horizons

The ecosystem of SaltyWave is slowly evolving and developing new habitats to move into. Initially, created to produce videos, SaltyWave now includes science communication via SaltyWaveBlue with plans to expand its horizons into other areas. But for changing trends in digital design stay wired with SaltyWave.

Making Noise

Salty Wave commenced producing a podcast series in October 2017 based on the sounds of wildlife called Noisemakers. This novel series presents interviews with scientists who talk about their research discoveries. Listen to the series for free via SoundCloud and iTunes on the SaltyWaveBlue Channel.

On Eco

Salty Wave joined the eco Community in January 2018 to demonstrate its initiative to engage in and communicate environmentally friendly activities. “We pledge to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on environmental actions.” The sustainability priorities of SaltyWave include > Life below water Life on land Quality education Responsible consumption …